Your next career step with the relevant recognized industry certificates

At the glenfisAcademy, we turn knowledge into skills. With theoretical training in the frameworks of sourcing and IT governance, you will acquire a solid foundation of practice-oriented specialist knowledge and skills that you will subsequently need to implement a functioning service organization for your company. That's why the glenfisAcademy provides you with practical and well-founded training in needs-based training modules. Of course, you can also achieve the recognized certificates with us. Practicality and direct application are always the top priorities in Glenfis training courses. Our training courses are communicative, dialog-oriented interactions at eye level, from practitioner to practitioner.

Our comprehensive service management portfolio includes training in ITIL®, business analysis, requirements engineering and process management:

From knowledge to skills

The surest way to get your IT governance on the right track in the long term is to know how to do it.

Operational IT is increasingly acting as a link between companies and external cloud and service providers. This requires a sound and in-depth basic understanding of IT management. In practical lessons, you will learn how to integrate and apply IT governance into the corporate structure using internationally recognized best practice frameworks and standards.

Training methods

Communicative, dialog-oriented interactions at eye level - from practitioner to practitioner

Public seminars

Seminars with optimally organized all-round support. Registration, administration of the certification, catering, seminar documents and review of objectives are all handled by Glenfis.

Virtual Classrooms

Best practice eLearning modules based on the latest didactics, pedagogy and ergonomics enable modern learning: anywhere, anytime, flexibly.

Company seminars

Customized and goal-oriented training directly at your location. Joint definition of objectives and selection of the most efficient course method, as well as support in implementing what has been learned in the organization.

You have the option of taking part in all training courses via hybrid/remote.

We are happy to be there for you personally: