As an independent consulting and accredited training company, we prepare companies, service providers and employees for the demands of cloud and multi-sourcing now and in the future. To do this, we use the “glenfis principle”, a holistic approach in which not only theoretical knowledge (Knowledge) is imparted, but in particular the practical know-how (Proficiency), with which what has been learned can be successfully and sustainably implemented in the company or organisation (Implementation).

Glenfis – independent & acknowledged to your advantage.

Glenfis conveys knowledge and skills that contribute to improving the quality of service and sourcing strategies and sourcing strategies and implementations, IT compliance, governance as well as security and service management, and supports its customers in successfully implementing and applying them.

Comprehensive and customer-oriented

Based on our comprehensive approach to consulting, training and coaching, we develop Sourcing and Service LifeCycle concepts that are both geared to the strategic business objectives of our clients and ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Accredited and specialized

As a leading independent consultancy and accredited training company, Glenfis specializes in the development and implementation of a consistent and holistic IT operating model, particularly in connection with the new requirements that cloud and sourcing bring with them.

Targeted and practical

Pragmatic thinking and quality-conscious action are the basis on which we develop first-class and process-oriented service management concepts in partnership with our customers. Our principle is: We do what we teach – and we teach what we do. That way, we develop and communicate not only practice-oriented but also practice-proven and, above all, sustainable solutions.

Glenfis conveys: 

Knowledge. Proficiency. Implementation.

With the new possibilities opened up by Cloud and Sourcing, a paradigm shift from technology-based to service-oriented IT management is taking place. Glenfis advises, supports and accompanies companies, IT organisations and providers in this change, which places completely new demands on them. 

Experience shows that changes are only sustainable if they are lived consistently and understood in their origin. Theoretical knowledge forms a good foundation. And practical know-how ensures long-term success. 

We have developed the “glenfis principle” for this purpose. This holistic method supports the course participants in ongoing projects and enables them to master future challenges in the three processes: Knowledge. Proficiency. Implementation.

glenfisSolution - advise and support

In assessments and workshops, we identify new opportunities, strategies and solutions that form the basis for the realignment of IT management.


glenfisAcademy – learning and applying

In trainings and courses we convey the necessary knowledge of practice-oriented IT management techniques and methods and the ability to apply them effectively in everyday life.


glenfisSolution – executing and implement

With cloud strategies and sourcing frameworks, our certified experts support and accompany our customers in implementing their new IT management strategy.