Fly4You Simulation: A SAFe®-based Agile Transformation

Participants take on different roles and master challenges that are typical of agile transformations in companies.

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Main Topics

Fly4You is a business agility simulation based on the SAFe® framework that guides teams through a fictitious airline. Participants take on different roles and overcome challenges that are typical for agile transformations in companies. The simulation focuses on the practical application of SAFe® principles, the integration of agile methods into existing processes and the promotion of a better understanding of agile ways of working.


  • Teaching SAFe® principles and practices in a realistic context
  • Promoting collaboration and communication within teams
  • Improving the ability to respond to rapidly changing business requirements
  • Strengthen understanding of the importance of customer focus and value delivery
  • Develop skills for efficient prioritization and resource allocation
  • Supporting the planning and implementation of agile projects
  • Raising awareness of the importance of feedback and continuous improvement


Fly4You does not require any specific prior knowledge of Agile or SAFe®. However, participants should have a basic interest in agile working methods and improving team dynamics.

Target Audience

The simulation is aimed at a wide range of participants, including:

  • Leaders and managers who want to introduce agile practices into their teams or departments
  • Team members and employees who want to learn more about agile methods and apply them in practice
  • Agile coaches and scrum masters who want to deepen their knowledge and learn new approaches
  • Project managers and IT professionals who want to expand their knowledge of Agile and SAFe®


This simulation includes a certificate of participation.

Teaching Materials

Demo Film

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