Agile Project Management: Challenge of Egypt

Extremely active and interactive training that brings the most important aspects of agile project management to life. Will your team manage to build the pyramid on time?

Main Topics

Create a wonder of the world. And learn about the most important aspects of agile project management. With Challenge of Egypt you travel 4000 years into the past and get the task to build a pyramid. How did the ancient Egyptians accomplish this? How do you manage that today?

In a very active and interactive way, the entire construction process is simulated and the effectiveness of individual project control instruments is made tangible. Each participant is given his or her own role and the whole team is given the task of building the pyramid within a set time frame.


  • Putting agile project management into practice
  • Set up project organization with the corresponding roles, tasks and responsibilities
  • Analyse risks that threaten the agile project
  • Finding suitable countermeasures
  • Issue work packages and monitor planning as team manager
  • Control tolerance limits (money, time, scope and quality) of the agile project


No formal requirements.
Experience and collaboration in projects are an advantage.

Target Audience

  • Decision makers, clients
  • IT Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Project collaborators
  • Project Controller
  • IT Consultant
  • IT employees with promotion potential


    This simulation includes a certificate of participation.
    The simulation also counts as HERMES recertification.


    • Class size min. 8 - max. 12 participants (also applies to online version)
    • Price of the simulation including licenses is CHF 5’500.—.
    • The simulation can be easily combined with a Projekt Management training.

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