Cyber Resilience Simulation – Ocean’s99 [SIOC991]

An exciting and gripping simulation to communicate the impact of security policy threats, while experiencing risk management.

Main Topics

Bei Ocean’s99 will der Besitzer der Bank of Tokyo eine Ausstellung der drei weltweit bekanntesten Kunstobjekte durchführen: Der “Star von Afrika” – ein riesiger Diamanten, das Gemälde “Jewish Bride” – von Rembrandt, sowie einen “Bugatti 59”. Jedes dieser Objekte muss aus der bestehenden Location in das Tokyo Museum transportiert und für vier Monate ausgestellt werden.
The challenge is to bring the objects to Tokyo: Punctually and safely, so that the exhibition can take place according to plan. Every day that the objects are delivered too late costs a lot of money and damages the image of the bank and the museum.

Welcome to “Oceans’s99” – the Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience Business Simulation. The simulation revolves around the following focal points:

  • Security Policy
  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Incident Management
  • Cyer Security Improvement

  • Recognize the importance of cyber security and cyber resilience for your business
  • Gain a better understanding and insight into threats, risks and vulnerabilities of an organization
  • Recognizing the importance of roles and responsibilities in the cyber security environment
  • Directly apply the knowledge in the field of cyber security and check the maturity of an organization with regard to its processes
  • Apply practical tips on how to launch and implement cyber security and cyber resilience initiatives
  • See, feel and experience direct effects of the “attitudes” and “behaviour” of colleagues in dealing with critical success factors

No formal requirements.

Target Audience

The simulation is aimed at professionals with responsibility for IT and security functions or risk and compliance operations within an organization.

Other core business areas, including HR, finance, procurement, operations and marketing, can also benefit from cyber-resilience expertise within their teams.

The Cyber Resilience Simulation provides the practical skills necessary to apply Cyber Resilience effectively and usefully, building on the understanding and demonstration of Cyber Resilience issues.


No certificate provided

A confirmation of participation will be issued.


The workshop can be conducted with 10 to 14 employees.

costs for the day workshop including licenses CHF 5’500

The workshop can also be combined with a Cyber- and Information Security Management training course

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