Each a master of his trade. The Glenfis team.

The production factors that count in our society today are not labour, not capital, not land and raw materials. It is the knowledge of the employees in the companies. Our employees put all their knowledge at the service of our customers. Not only to accumulate their knowledge, but also to translate this knowledge into concrete productivity and effectiveness.

Martin Andenmatten

Chairman Glenfis AG

Enthusiastic service management and governance expert, possessing proven competencies in the areas of SIAM, Cyber & Information Security, Data Protection and Business Relationship Management.

I help you to prepare yourself and your organization for the future and to establish and sustainably anchor the necessary skills and structures.

Moshe de Smitt

Senior Consultant

Passionate consultant, coach and trainer for organizational and process-related topics (service management, service architecture, governance, agile methodologies and organizational change management) where people are at the center of attention.

I am happy to help you by offering tailor-made solutions based on an understanding of the customer’s needs.

Joachim Görg

Managing Director Glenfis AG

Experienced and dedicated expert in the areas of organizational transformation, governance, service management and information security.

I advise, accompany and coach you and your company in the evaluation, conception and realization of the digital transformation. I see myself as a bridge builder who prepares you and your organization for the future by establishing and sustainably anchoring the necessary skills and structures.

Corinna Hohl

Finance and HR

Great professional competence and experience in accounting and personnel administration

I work mostly in the background and support our trainers and consultants with words and deeds so that they can do a good job on your site.

Daniel Hubschmid

Head of glenfisAcademy

Expert in organisation development and training. Coach with passion.

Your success is my motivation. I help you to develop the skills you need with effective trainings and accompany you and your team on your journey to your goals.

Barbara Krebs

Transformation facilitator for organizational and cultural development, Agile coach and service management expert

As a transformational facilitator, organizational development, agile coach and service management consultant, I offer a combination of skills. These enable me to support a company with its organizational elements to effectively adapt to change while creating a positive organizational culture.

I support you in a very structured agile approach to achieve maximum value for you.

Adrian Müller

Principal Consultant

Experienced Change Coach with broad know-how of today’s current frameworks, especially in the areas of Service Management, Agile and Architecture.

I will help you and your organization with your change projects, be it in the context of traditional organizational adjustments or upcoming transformation projects.

Sven Ossenberg

Senior Consultant and Agile Coach

Trainer, coach and moderator for all agile topics like DevOps, SAFe, Scrum and SRE

With passion I support and accompany you in the challenges of agile transformation, always with the focus on people as the center of action.

Guido Salvi

Coach and trainer for project management, service management and architecture

Dedicated and proven expert in the areas of project management, service management and architecture, trainer and coach.

I advise, accompany and support you and your company in the evaluation, conception, realization and implementation of service management solutions.

Christina Sieber

glenfisAcademy Administration

Course administration, data management & reception

I am the friendly voice on the phone and will be happy to help you with any concerns before, during and after your training.

Urs Tobler

Coach and trainer for service management and solution design

Passionate consultant, coach and trainer for service management and solution design. With practical relevance and a broad technical background, I help create value with people, processes and data from a holistic perspective.

We work together to identify organizational and technical needs, develop a practical approach to solutions, and get implementation underway. I accompany you on this path with advice and action.

Daniel Wolf

Head of glenfisSolution and Principal Consultant

Experienced and dedicated expert in the areas of project management and service management.

I advise, accompany and coach you and your company in the introduction of digital services and the development of a target operation model or in the area of service management.

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