Service Catalog Development with OBASHI [P-WSOBA1]

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Main Topics

An IT service provider significantly increases its ability to meet business needs through the service management system and the creation of a complete service catalog – including business units, processes and services and their relationships and dependencies on IT services, technologies and components.

The workshop serves to develop a service architecture using the OBASHI method and to derive the service description based on it.

  • O = Organisation, i.e. places, departments, persons involved in the process
  • B = Business Process
  • A = Applications, in which the business processes are mapped
  • S = System in the sense of operating system
  • H = Hardware – whether virtual or physical
  • I = Infrastructure – for example network, storage or firewall

  • Creating understanding for services
  • Service Architecture Concept
  • OBASHI Method
  • Practical example for declining a service
  • Structure and documentation of a service catalogue

No formal requirements necessary. However, experience in IT Service Management and knowledge of ITIL are recommended.

Target Audience

  • Service Level Manager
  • Service Catalogue Responsible
  • Service Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Project Manager
  • IT Consultant
  • IT Officers
  • Change Manager


No certificate provided.

Teaching Materials

Workshop folder with

  • Workshop slides
  • Tasks and solutions


This inhouse workshop can be held as a 1/2, 1 or 2 day variant.

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