IT4IT™ 3 Foundation [P-I4IF2]

In this IT4IT™ course from The Open Group, participants will gain fundamental knowledge of terminology, structure and fundamental concepts of IT4IT, understanding of the core principles of the IT4IT reference architecture, value streams and the Digital Product in this context.

Main Topics

The IT4IT™ Foundation Training is a two-day seminar that provides a structured approach to the development, procurement and management of services in a value chain-based framework.

IT4IT™ includes a reference architecture and an operating model based on a value chain for the business of IT (IT for IT). It provides detailed guidance on how to design, procure and implement IT to enable IT to deliver value-added IT services to its customers. IT4IT™ is the foundation for digital transformation within IT and thus the basis for successful DevOps implementations.

Focal points:

  1. Introduction
  2. Digital Product
  3. Digital Product Backbone Functional Components and Data Objects
  4. Service Offer Backbone Functional Components and Data Objects
  5. Evaluate Value Stream
  6. Explore Value Stream
  7. Integrate Value Stream
  8. Deploy Value Stream
  9. Release Value Stream
  10. Consume Value Stream
  11. Operate Value Stream


The learning objectives focus on knowledge and understanding of the terminology, structure and concepts of the IT4IT™ reference architecture. The course provides detailed guidelines for specification and interaction with a consistent service backbone model (common service lifecycle data model / context).

Finally, the course prepares participants for the IT4IT™ 3 Foundation Certification, which consists of a 40 question multiple choice exam.


No formal requirements necessary. Basic understanding of service management is helpful, however.

  • A voucher is provided as part of the fee
  • IT4IT™ 3 is a trademark of The Open Group

Target Audience

  • People who need a basic understanding of IT4IT™ reference architecture and digital products
  • IT professionals who are responsible for the provision of IT services
  • IT experts / practitioners who are responsible for implementing an IT management tool landscape
  • Enterprise architects, who are responsible for IT-business transformation
  • Governance and audit individuals interested in a descriptive model with effective controls in a modern and highly automated environment


IT4IT™ 3 Foundation Certification, awarded by The Open Group

Exam language English

Teaching Materials

IT4IT™ 3 Foundation folder including:

  • Student workbook
  • IT4IT™ 3 Training slides


Can also be held as an internal seminar for groups of 6 people or more.

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