COBIT® 2019 Foundation [P-C19F2]

Basic seminar for a fundamental understanding of the COBIT® 2019 framework using a practical case study, including a mock exam to prepare for the COBIT® 2019 Foundation exam.

Main Topics

In this two-day seminar, concepts, principles and methods of COBIT 2019 are presented, which are used to establish, improve and maintain a system for effective governance and management of business IT.

Over the years, best practice frameworks have been developed and promoted to support the process of understanding, designing and implementing Enterprise Governance of IT (EGIT).

COBIT 2019 builds on and integrates more than 25 years of development in this field, not only incorporating new scientific findings but also putting them into practice.

Seminar participants will be introduced to the nature and structure of the COBIT framework, including the topics:

  • Introduction of a new framework
  • Key terms and terminology
  • Governance and Framework Principles
  • Governance system and components
  • Governance and management objectives
  • Performance Management
  • Design of a tailor-made governance system

Since its inception, COBIT has evolved into a broad and comprehensive IT governance and management framework and continues to establish itself as a generally accepted framework for IT governance.


  • Understand the context, benefits and key reasons why COBIT is used as a framework for information and technology governance
  • Explain the most important attributes of the COBIT framework such as key attributes, product family and adaptation to industry conditions
  • Comparing COBIT principles for the governance system framework
  • Describe the components of a governance system, such as governance and management objectives, components of the governance system, key issues, design factors and cascading of objectives
  • Describe the elements of governance and management objectives
  • Differentiation of COBIT-based performance management in consideration of maturity and capability perspectives
  • Learn how COBIT can be used to develop a tailor-made governance system
  • Explain the key points of the COBIT business case
  • Describe the relationships between the COBIT design and implementation guidelines

No formal requirements.

Target Audience

All people who want to know more about IT Governance and want to apply it in practice

Any stakeholder responsible for the governance and management of enterprise information and technology, such as members of the board of directors, business and IT managers, IT quality managers, risk managers, process owners, etc.

Internal and external IT auditors


COBIT® 2019 Foundation, awarded by ISACA

You will receive a code for the online exam from us

Teaching Materials

The course materials and the exam are in English. The course is held in German.

The COBIT 2019 course folder contains

  • Training slides
  • Student workbook
  • Mock exam
  • USB stick with
    • Slideshow
    • Course materials
    • Exam simulator


    Can also be held as an internal seminar for groups of 6 persons or more

    This seminar can also be held in combination with our eLearning module as a blended seminar with a shorter time frame and preceding individual, autodidactic preparation.

    Can be performed with the following simulations:

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