CCAK – Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge


The «Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge (CCAK)» course provides today’s much-needed expertise in the essential principles of auditing and controlling cloud computing systems.

Main Topics

The Certificate of Cloud Auditing Knowledge (CCAK) is created by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and ISACA, it is the first credential that is focused on the essential principles of auditing cloud applications.
This training is not only recommended for auditors, but for everyone involved in the planning, implementation and operation of cloud solutions. Cloud auditing can give a better understanding of the type of cloud services and deployment strategy that would best benefit your business.
The CCAK course is designed to cover the following 5 core areas of focus:

  • Cloud Governance
  • Cloud Compliance
  • Cloud Auditing
  • Cloud Assurance
  • CSA Tools: CCM, CAIQ, and STAR Program



The CCAK Training is preparing for the Certificate and provides in-depth knowledge in the following modules:

  • Modul 1: An overview of cloud governance, frameworks, and cloud governance tools
  • Modul 2: Building a Cloud Compliance Program
  • Modul 3: CCM and CAIQ Goals, Objectives, & Structure
  • Modul 4: A Threat Analysis Methodology for Cloud Using CCM
  • Modul 5: Evaluating a Cloud Compliance Program
  • Modul 6: Cloud Auditing
  • Modul 7: CCM Auditing Controls
  • Modul 8: Continuous Assurance & Compliance
  • Modul 9: STAR Program
  • Modul 10: Exam Preparation


No formal requirements. According to ISACA and CSA, this course assumes some working knowledge of cloud and cloud security. It also assumes some basic understanding of IT risk and audit.

Target audience

The CCAK certification training will benefit these job roles:

  • Internal and External Assessors and Auditors
  • Compliance Managers
  • Third Party Assessors and Auditors
  • Vendor/Partners Program Managers
  • Security Analysts & Architects
  • Procurement Officers
  • Cybersecurity Lead/Architect
  • Security and Privacy Consultants


CCAK – Certificate in Cloud Auditing Knowledge, awarded through Cloud Security Alliance® (CSA) and ISACA®

Teaching Materials

Teaching materials in English CCAK folder includes:

  • Student Workbook
  • Training Slides
  • Sample exam questions

Original book: ISACA CCAK Study Guide (Print or eBook)


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