Agile Service Management Simulation – MarsLander [SIML1]

The aim of this simulation is to explore and experience how the current IT organization can be transformed into a more agile and lean organization.

This overview gives an insight into ITIL 4 and the new way to look at IT Service Management using a Service Value System (SVS). In one day we will explain the main changes to ITIL V3/2011.

Main Topics

This Marslander simulation is an effective way to stimulate a new, agile mindset within the IT organization. It helps to create a dialogue and it helps employees to better understand how to improve their own way of working from their current traditional service management to an agile service management approach. This is not a large implementation project, but rather small steps based on their own motivation.

ITIL® skills are still relevant. But you need to be able to respond better to rapid change – that’s where the word Agile Service Management comes in. But what exactly does it mean?


  • How can service teams help and how do we create high-performance teams?
  • How can we visualize our work by using Kanban?
  • How can we increase the work flow?
  • How can we involve suppliers in our services?
  • How can we work more closely with development?
  • How can we continuously improve our services?
  • How can we become a flexible service organization that can react quickly to changing requirements?
  • How can we become even more customer-oriented and develop the “customer idea” within the team?
  • How can we effectively manage the workload (end-to-end) and how can we reduce unplanned work?
  • How can we improve customer and employee satisfaction?

No formal requirements.

Target Audience

This simulation is suitable for roles within and outside of IT.

  • Employees in IT (Operations) Teams
  • IT Managers and Team Leaders
  • Development Teams
  • Business Roles
  • ITSM Specialists

This simulation helps IT Operations teams to take the next step towards the DevOps philosophy and ITIL Practitioner guidelines.


No certificate is provided

Teaching Materials


Demo Film


The workshop can be held with 10 to 13 employees.
Costs for the day workshop including licenses CHF 5’500.-
The workshop can also be combined well with a CASM or veriSM training.

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