Organisations Change Management – ABC-of-IT Analysis [SIABC1]

The ABC workshop identifies the barriers in the IT organization and thus creates the conditions for a successful IT governance and service organization.

Main Topics

When optimizing IT governance and service organization, we focus on eliminating worst practices, i.e. inefficient processes and counterproductive behavior. Instead of a blanket introduction of best-practice frameworks, we deliver precise solutions to increase service performance!

With the playful and highly efficient method ABC-of-IT™ we track down the very individual worst practices of each IT organization and illustrate the effects on the IT value contribution and business processes.

Within the framework of professionally moderated ABC workshops, employees, managers and, if possible, customers, users and partners work out the individual ACTUAL situation with regard to attitudes, behaviour and the prevailing corporate culture.

With the help of a 57-part ABC card set, the worst practices are uncovered and their risks for the company discussed – bypassing the operationally blind white spots. On the basis of this analysis, measures are then derived which achieve the greatest effect with the least effort and help to achieve the service performance target set in advance.


The procedure for ABC-of-IT is usually as follows:

  1. Recognize: What are the Worst/Good Practices?
  2. Understand: What are the causes/triggers for this and what risks are involved?
  3. Eliminate: What measures can we take and who is responsible for them?

No formal requirements.

Target Audience

  • Business
  • Organisations Change Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Software Developer
  • IT Operations Staff
  • Release Manager
  • Change Manager
  • Service Transition Manager


No certificate provided

A confirmation of participation will be issued.


The workshop can be conducted with 15 to 30 employees.

Costs for a half day workshop, including ABC-Cards CHF 2’500.

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