Lean IT Foundation [P-LITF2]

In this course, participants learn how to effectively apply the proven and successful methods of classic lean management in today’s digital IT world.

Main Topics

Lean IT is the symbiosis between successful lean management methods and the foresight to offer complex IT systems with their services and products to customers efficiently and promptly to the required quality. This requires an IT organization that is committed to the continuous improvement of its processes and its employees in the sense of an agile culture.


The participants understand:

  • The Lean philosophy and principles
  • The perspective of Lean on processes and waste within processes
  • Organizational requirements for the implementation of Lean
  • Lean tools such as Value Stream Mapping
  • The DMAIC Problem Solving Model
  • How lean principles can be applied to the IT organization

No formal requirements

Target Audience

  • All employees and managers who want to learn more about how to apply the “Japanese recipe for success” in today’s dynamic world
  • People who want to improve every day




Teaching Materials

Teaching materials in English

Lean IT Foundation folder includes:

  • Student workbook
  • USB stick with
    • Teaching materials
    • Exam simulator


Can also be held as an internal seminar for groups of 6 or more

Contact Us

Questions about this seminar or requests for an inhouse offer: academy@glenfis.ch

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