Definition of an ITSM Implementation Roadmap

Workshop tailored to the company to answer the questions about an optimally structured and planned ITSM implementation that is adapted to the organization.

Main Topics

Good planning and a view for what is feasible, but also a procedure that is comprehensible for business and employees, are decisive success factors for the implementation of an ITSM organization. The primary task is therefore to find out how a service management system is set up that is appropriate for the company and the organization, and which management disciplines are most important and which are negligible for the time being.

The ITSM implementation workshop tailored to your company helps you to answer the questions:

  • How do you apply ITIL® Best Practice economically and tailored to your own organization?
  • What needs to be considered and what should be carefully clarified in advance?
  • How is an ITSM implementation program structured and planned?

  • ITSM Governance Structure
  • ITSM Quality Management
  • Assessment on the basis of the Process Maturity Model
  • ITSM and KMU
  • The filter process: Sorting out components and processes not required
  • Definition of an ITSM program structure
  • Development of an ITSM roadmap and necessary work packages
  • Control and monitoring ITSM program

No formal requirements necessary. Knowledge of IT Service Management and ITIL is recommended, however.


No certificate is provided

Teaching Materials

Workshop folder with

  • Workshop slides
  • Tasks and solutions


This inhouse workshop can be held as 1/2, 1 or 2 day variant.

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