Cloud Strategy Definition [P-WSCSD1]

Practical workshop to analyse your concrete situation in the company, compare the cloud service models, opportunities and risks of the cloud and select the critical success factors for implementing a cloud strategy.

Main Topics

With cloud computing, the way business processes are implemented, applied and managed has changed dramatically. The essential IT components can now be used more quickly and flexibly. However, every cloud solution also brings risks, which must be weighed against the opportunities. Only then can it be decided whether the cloud is a valid solution.

This course provides you with basic knowledge in the definition and documentation of a cloud and sourcing strategy. This includes determining the IT functions that should be performed by external partners and identifying potential suppliers as strategic partners.


  • Overview of cloud service models and deployment options
  • Opportunities and risks of the cloud
  • Dealing with security of data and information in the cloud
  • Cloud Governance concept
  • Definition of a Cloud Sourcing strategy

No formal requirements necessary.

Target Audience

  • Business Process Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Service Managers
  • Service Management Employees
  • Contract and supplier management staff
  • IT Process Managers


No certificate provided.

Teaching Materials

Workshop folder with

  • Workshop slides
  • Tasks and solutions


This inhouse workshop can be held as a 1/2, 1 or 2 day variant.

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