Cloud Computing Simulation [SICL1]

This simulation demonstrates best practice cloud computing approaches, not only during implementation, but also in a broader corporate IT environment.

Main topics

Organizations are under increasing pressure to deliver more for less despite rising IT business demand. In addition, the economic climate requires companies to be innovative and adapt to change, and to respond to unpredictable and fluctuating demand. In such an environment, delivering IT services effectively and efficiently becomes one of the biggest challenges for IT organizations.

Cloud computing creates an irresistible value proposition that is attracting strong interest from both business and IT executives. However, cloud computing is also fraught with uncertainty and is causing headaches for many organisations. The hype surrounding the cloud has put the issue of “IT infrastructure” on the agenda of business and IT management, increasing the pressure to deliver IT cloud solutions quickly.

This highly interactive simulation is normally played in 3 rounds. The simulation reflects a global company facing high demands in a highly fluctuating business model. In the individual rounds, participants will gain a holistic understanding and experience how revolutionary agility and efficiency will give cloud computing a competitive edge. Furthermore, the simulation creates an instructive experience between the individual rounds. For example, that effective planning is essential for effective delivery and responsible consumption of cloud computing services.

Since cloud computing involves different delivery models and approaches, the simulation will help participants define their goals and understand how to use cloud computing in a way that meets their needs best. They will develop an implementation approach and choose solutions that ensure a successful outcome and minimize risk.


  • Create clarity and understanding around cloud solutions for both providers and their customers
  • Achieving agility and cost efficiency through the use of cloud solutions
  • A better understanding and thus acceptance of cloud solutions within the company

No formal requirements.

Target audience

Cloud simulation is a valuable experience for anyone using or managing Internet-based IT services. These can be employees of internal or external service providers.


  • IT Managers
  • Service Managers
  • IT Developers
  • IT System Managers
  • IT Quality Managers
  • Service Management Employees
  • Process Managers
  • System Administrators


No certificate intended.

A confirmation of participation will be issued.


The workshop can be conducted with 15 to 22 employees.

The costs for the day workshop including licenses are CHF 5’500.

The workshop can also be combined well with a Cloud Management Training.

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