Change Management Foundation (CMF)


In today’s world, the ability to shape change is more in demand than ever. In this course you will learn the basics of change management and graduate with the Change Management Foundation Certificate from APMG International.


Main topics

  1. What is change management and why is it so important?
  2. Change and the individual
    • Behavior of individuals
    • Factors regarding change adoption or change resistance.
    • Learning and behavior types
  3. Change emergence
    • How are changes created?
    • What can the organization do to detect changes early on?
  4. Change involvement, strategy and projects
    • Integration of Changes into corporate strategy, programs, portfolios and projects.
    • Change Cascade
  5. Change Team
    • Role Description
    • How can I integrate the roles of the change team into the project?
  6. Change Analysis
    • How do I conduct a change analysis?
    • How do I determine if the organization is ready for change?
    • Determining the culture and influencing strategies for the culture.
  7. Change planning
    • Basic approaches
    • Documentation
  8. Stakeholder-Management
    • Stakeholder analysis and segmentation
    • Strategies
  9. Communication
    • What makes a communication effective?
    • Communication strategy
    • Activation communication
  10. Change procedure models
    • Kotter, Levin und Co.
  11. Change resistance
    • Why there is resistance and how to deal with it
    • Resistance types and symptoms
  12. Change Consolidation
    • How can the change be maintained?
    • Critical mass and the inflection point
    • Lever use

Consists of the following modules:

  • Change Management Foundation
  • Change Management Foundation Exam


  • Analysis and evaluation of change with regard to its impact on the organization
  • Successful stakeholder management
  • Planning of change based on the analysis
  • Ability to recognize resistance and take appropriate action
  • Application of various change management methods and tools


No special prerequisites or knowledge are required. Management experience is an advantage. Good English language skills are necessary.

Target group

  • Persons from the management
  • Executives & Team Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Change Companion
  • Consultant


Accredited course materials


You will take the exam in the afternoon of the last day of the course. It runs through the Examination Institute APMG International and can be taken onsite and online. For onsite courses, the exam is taken online at the end of the course at the Digicomp premises. Immediately after the exam you will receive a preliminary exam result.
If you participate online in the course, then the exam will also take place remotely with an online proctor. Digicomp will order the appropriate voucher for you. With online proctoring, you can take your exam online from the comfort of your home or office. Once you have booked an exam, you will receive a registration email to schedule an appointment with your live proctor via the candidate portal. While you are taking the exam, a proctor will access your exam to monitor the exam environment, webcam and microphone.
Please note when taking the online exam in an office environment that you may need local administrator privileges on your computer, and your office firewall may block necessary connections.
Prerequisites for taking an online exam:
  • A computer with a webcam, a microphone, and a high-speed Internet connection.
  • A wired connection is strongly recommended, as wireless connections can cause problems during testing.
  • Notes on paper are not allowed. A whiteboard may be used for notes and must be wiped clean at the end of the session.
  • The test is automatically scored as faulty if any part of the pre-test criteria is not performed correctly.
  • To verify that you can use the online testing system, please take this test before booking your exam.

Exam format: Multiple-choice exam questions, without aids, number of questions: 50, pass rate: 50%, duration: 40 minutes


Can also be held as an in-house seminar for groups of 6 or more.


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This course is conducted in cooperation with our partner Digicomp.


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