CGEIT Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT – Exam preparation [P-CGEIT4 ]

Preparatory course for the professional exam based on theoretical and practical experience in the fields of strategy, risk and resource management and value creation

Main Topics

The demands on IT managers are increasing enormously in the course of the digitalization of business processes. Technical skills are less and less in demand than the role of the integrator and controller at the interface between governance and management of IT. The enabler of digital transformation in companies is the consistent orientation of IT towards business benefits, the control of risks and the modern sourcing of solutions in a targeted and focused manner.

This requires the appropriate tools as well as the knowledge of what good IT governance is and how it is embedded in the corporate guidelines. The corresponding job description was developed by ISACA and has been meeting the new requirements since 2013.

Based on theoretical and practical experience, this course prepares you for the appropriate professional examination in the areas of strategy management, risk management, value creation and resource management.


The CGEIT professional curriculum provides in-depth knowledge in the following four domains:

  • Domain 1: Governance of Enterprise IT
  • Domain 2: IT Resources
  • Domain 3: Benefits Realization
  • Domain 4: Risk Optimization

Prerequisites are precise knowledge of the job description, working through the CGEIT Review Manual before starting the course and ideally several years of practical experience in as many IT areas as possible.

The CGEIT exam preparation course is aimed at all those who already have major management responsibilities in the IT environment or are on their way there.

How to become CGEIT:

  • Passed examination
  • At least 5 years of professional experience in IT Governance (crediting of studies etc. possible)
  • The necessary professional experience can also be acquired after passing the examination – the certification is obtained later accordingly
  • Compliance with the ISACA Code of Professional Ethics
  • Compliance with the Information Systems Auditing Standards
  • Compliance with the Continuing Education Policy: at least 120 hours of continuing vocational training in 3 years

Exam registration:

Online at Certification, CGEIT

  • Best is to become a member at the same time (cost saving!) and order teaching materials
  • Who is not yet a member must generate a profile
  • Payment by credit card
  • Latest information on testing, certification, CPE policy etc.:
    • Bulletin of Information
    • Candidates Guide
    • CPE Polic
  • Cost: US $420 to US $725 (depending on application date and membership status). The registration for the exam must be done by the student himself!

Target Audience

  • IT Governance Specialists
  • IT Managers
  • IT Quality Managers
  • Process Owners


CGEIT – Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT, awarded by ISACA

Exam language English

Teaching Materials

Teaching materials in English

CGEIT folder includes:

  • Student workbook
  • Training slides
  • 200 sample exam questions

Original book: ISACA CGEIT Review Manual


Can also be held as an internal seminar for groups of 5 or more


This course prepares you for the CGEIT exam. The course lasts 3 days plus one day of exam preparation:

Preparation exam 2023

Upon request

You must register for the exam yourself, but we will be happy to assist you.


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