Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM℠) [P-CASM2]

A Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM℠) is the operational counterpart to the Certified Scrum Master (CSM). Together they can bring agile thinking and acting into the entire IT organization and thus create a positive basis for a DevOps culture.

Main Topics

This 2-day certification course, developed by the DevOps Institute, is an introduction to Agile Service Management – the application and integration of agile thinking in service management processes and process development projects. Agile thinking improves the effectiveness and efficiency of IT. It enables the IT organization to deliver the required added value, despite constantly changing requirements.

Goals This course is an introduction to the core topics of Agile and IT Service Management. The learning objectives for CASM℠ include an understanding of:

  • What it means to be “agile”
  • The Agile Manifesto, its core values and principles
  • Agile concepts and practices related to ITSM, Kanban, Lean and DevOps
  • Scrum roles, artifacts and events as they are used in the development of products and processes
  • The two aspects of Agile Service Management:
    • Agile process improvement – ensuring that processes are “lean” and deliver “just enough” for process control
    • Agile process design – the use of agile practices to drive design projects forward

Requirements No formal requirements are necessary. However, a basic understanding of processes, IT service management processes and ITIL® is helpful.

Target Audience

  • All people who want to know more about Agile and Scrum and want to apply it in practice
  • IT professionals, such as service owners and service managers, who are responsible for delivering IT services
  • All process stakeholders who are responsible for the design, reengineering or improvement of processes
  • Business and IT stakeholders who want to learn about the principles of Agile Service Management
  • Consultants who support their customers in Agile, ITSM and/or DevOps improvement initiatives
  • Internal and external suppliers


  • Upon successful completion of the exam the participant receives the CASM℠ certificate, awarded by the DevOps Institute
  • The exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions and is in English


Teaching Materials

The teaching materials are in English. The CASM℠ course folder contains

  • CASM℠ learner manual
  • CASM℠ study aids
  • CASM℠ reference card
  • Agile Service Management Guide and Scrum Guide
  • USB stick with
    • Course teaching materials
    • CASM℠ reference card
    • CASM℠ glossar
    • Exam simulator


Can also be held as an internal seminar for groups of 6 persons or more

Can be performed with the following simulations:

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  • 5 people on the same course date 20%

The discounts are not cumulative – the highest discount always applies.

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