Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®)

The Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) certification allows you to understand the role of BRM and to focus your company’s attention on it.
You will also be able to analyse the existing relationships in your business and identify potential for improvement.

Main Topics

BRM plays a crucial and challenging role and therefore requires a range of skills and abilities:

  • Identify, uncover and stimulate the business need for the provider’s products and services that bring great value to the business.
  • Support in translating these possibilities into solutions
  • Balancing strictly limited supply with potentially unlimited demand to ensure that the business receives the highest possible value at the lowest possible price and the best possible service
  • BRM is as familiar with the world of its provider as it is with that of its business partners. It acts on:
    • Strategic Level – Helps to inform the business strategy of opportunities where the provider can support with its products and services
    • Management Level – Ensures that projects and programs run smoothly from start to value creation
    • Operational Level – Ensures that the daily activities of the provider meet the business needs and create a good experience
    • Does business partners justice without offending their provider colleagues and vice versa

Our 3-day course includes the BRM Professional exam.



Holders of the BRM Institute Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP®) certificate will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the following topics

  • The characteristics of the BRM role
  • What it means to act as a strategic partner, to contribute to the formulation of the business strategy and to shape the business demand for the provider services
  • Apply portfolio management disciplines and techniques to maximize the business benefits realized
  • Business transition management and the requirements for successful change programs to minimize the loss of value
  • The BRM role in service management and alignment of services and service levels with business requirements
  • The principle of effective and convincing communication

This training does not require specific knowledge of BRM. However, a basic understanding of IT Service Management processes and ITIL is helpful.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who has an interest in improving the relationship and understanding between business and IT
  • Business relationship managers, who are responsible for the relationship between business and IT
  • Service Delivery Managers, who manage customer contracts and have a relationship with the customer
  • Account Manager / Sales Representatives, who must be able to receive and understand customer needs
  • Service/Products Owner on provider side
  • CIOs who are responsible for the relationship with the business
  • Business and IT stakeholders who want to understand the principles of business relationship management


BRMP® Business Relationship Management Professional, awarded by APMG.

The exam can be taken in English or German.

PMP/PMI Credits (PDU’s)

After attending this course you can have 24 credits credited to your account.

Teaching Materials

The course materials are available in English and German. The BRMP® course folder contains:

  • BRMP® course materials (slides)
  • BRMP® student workbook


  • The BRMP® Guide to the BRM Body of Knowledge


Can also be held as an internal seminar for groups of 6 or more.

Can be combined with the following simulation:

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