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We multiply our competence through a comprehensive network of reliable and experienced cooperation partners. Below you will find a list of our partners, divided into the status they have in our partner network.

Glenfis authorized resellers

b•prex consulting group ag, Zürich

was founded in view of the steadily increasing importance of IT governance and provides professional services with regard to the performance of measurements, inspections, tests, audits and consulting in all areas of IT governance as well as related work such as the preparation of expert opinions on concepts, specifications and implementations of products and systems. b-prex is a partnership of selected experts with proven professional experience in the above-mentioned service areas for large and medium-sized companies.

Link to b•prex consulting group

Glenfis project partners

itSMF Switzerland

As an independent and non-commercial association, itSMF Switzerland has the overarching goal of developing and disseminating the latest findings and methods in the field of IT service management.

The vision aims to create a community of specialists to refine and compare the management of IT services, to develop and promote the discipline of service management in an increasingly strategic way, to help companies overcome challenges through digital technologies to meet current and future business needs.

The ItSMF also aims to be an aggregator for professionals and businesses, solutions to real problems, to provide concrete benefits in implementing a government’s best practices in IT services. Our value chain is based on recognition, comparison, consulting, training through our territorial activities and our commitment in addition to the support of our partners.

Link to itSMF Switzerland

GamingWorks, NL-Bodegraven

GamingWorks is specialized in the development of innovative learning tools that guarantee a better learning success. Simulation software shows not only the what in change processes, but also the how. Simulation games are dynamic, interactive and powerful learning tools. The simulation games “Apollo 13” and “The Challenge of Egypt” were developed by GamingWorks. Another service is “The ABC of ICT”.

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Sourcing International

Digital transformation is currently taking place in all industries and all companies – in some more, in others even less. But in any case, the challenges are becoming increasingly greater and more diverse. One thing digital transformation absolutely needs: the new machines of our time. The machines of the industrial revolution we are experiencing right now – without them, this digital revolution would not exist: social media, mobility, big data analytics, cloud, Internet of Things. Sourcing International supports clients in identifying digital potentials, developing suitable solution variants and preparing the organisation for the transformation process.

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